Boost Your WiFi Connection with an Antenna Upgrade

One of the most common problems WiFi users run into is a poor quality connection. These kinds of issues can stem from a lot of different sources, but a likely culprit is the lack of a quality antenna:  Most people use the dipole RP SMA antenna that came with their WiFi router, not realizing how easy and inexpensive it is to upgrade that antenna, and thereby significantly improve your WiFi network.

WiFi Antenna

Yagi Directional Antenna

A poorly designed or malfunctioning antenna on your WiFi system can drastically shorten the range of your wireless network and significantly reduce signal reliability and quality, leading to a lot of headaches when you want to stream a championship game or a movie for friends.

The good news is that this is a problem which is easily remedied. Investing in a higher quality antenna for your network can be a cost-effective way of improving your WiFi and its propagation. There are a number of different options that may apply for you based on your situation:  Directional sector antennas, omnidirectional antennas, and parabolic antennas for point-to-point links.

If you’re especially hardware-inclined or a DIYer, you might also want to look into creating your own signal-boosting antenna system. Either way, you can’t go wrong, and upgrading your WiFi system’s antenna will pay dividends when it comes to boosting your signal and connection strength.

Grid Parabolic WiFi Antenna

Grid Parabolic WiFi Antenna: For long-distance, point to point links